/ Field: UX-UI design / Platform: iOS, Android, web / Industry: social media / Tools: Sketch, XD, Illustrator, Photoshop /
Saduwa is a social media project with a strong focus on serving local communities in Nigeria and Africa. Big tech companies such as Google and Facebook lack an understanding of the peculiarities of African societies, cultures, and most importantly, the specific needs of users in the region. Saduwa aims to help close the digital gap and improve the lives of millions of Nigerians and Africans through a social media platform that actually serves them.

Saduwa means "meeting" in Hausa. The logo represents a group of diverse people coming together to form a community

The feed can be filtered and arranged by topics according to the user's interests.
The UI is highly customizable with different colors, textures and widgets so users can express their personality and create an experience that is uniquely theirs.
Hundreds of beautiful stickers inspired by African culture help users create and share engaging content.
Working together with local artists, a lot of research and effort went into the creation of the stickers.
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